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Behind The Flux

Steam Flux was chartered in 2014 on a foundation of purity, ingenuity, education and integrity. Our headquarters is based in the Mid-Ohio Valley and our development and production are done on-site in a highly controlled, sanitized environment to ensure safety, longevity, and optimal shelf life of our product. Each flavor is independently crafted by an eLiquid artisan with an experienced palette that comes from years of vaping and tasting many different flavors.

All of our eLiquids are proudly made right here in the United States utilizing mostly small business and U.S. based businesses for our production needs.

Our products contain propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and only the highest quality food grade propylene glycol based flavorings sourced from U.S. based, USP compliant manufacturers stored in ideal conditions to preserve flavor, purity and quality. We ensure our flavors contain NO diacetyl (an organic compound also known as butane-2,3-dione), alcohol, food colorings or any other unnecessary additives to ensure a more pure, clean and safer product for our customers. Another way we ensure our high standards of quality is by using the purest nicotine base on the market, tested under USP34 protocol. Our nicotine base as well as our propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are all GC/MS validated (the toxicology industry standard for purity analysis).

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